Kidnapped boy Sahil reunited with his father

The five year old British boy Sahil Saeed is seen at British High Commission in Islamabad

A five-year-old Pakistani origin British boy was reunited with his father at British High Commissioner on Thursday.

The UK boy kidnapped from Jhelum two weeks ago has been reunited with his father at the British High Commissioner’s home in Islamabad. Sahil Saeed’s father Raja Naqqash Saeed has left to Manchester with his son from Chaklala Airbase.

Sahil Saeed’s father Raja Naqqash Saeed in a statement said, “I am completely overjoyed that I have been reunited with my son after such a long ordeal.

Sahil is doing well, is in good spirits, and can’t wait to return to the UK to see his mum, his family, and join his friends back at school, he said.

“I would like to pay tribute to the tireless efforts of the Pakistani and UK authorities that resulted in the safe return of Sahil to us. I would also like to thank everyone for their messages of support that my family and I have received over the course of the last two weeks”, he added.
As we return back to the UK, he said, “I ask that the media shows restraint and respects our family’s privacy as we spend some quality time with Sahil”

British High Commissioner in Pakistan, Adam Thomson, said Sahil and his father had been reunited at his house, along with other relatives who had brought the boy to Islamabad. “I imagine it’s a very emotional moment,” he said.

” This brings to an end a long period of terrible anxiety and uncertainty. I wish them all the best as they rejoin the rest of their family back in the UK”, he added.

A ransom of £110,000 was paid to free the five-year-old from Oldham, who has been looked after by British officials since he was found unharmed on Tuesday.

According to BBC, three people are due to appear in court in Spain in connection with the kidnap. Two others were arrested in Paris.

While Sahil was in captivity a phone call made from Spain had instructed the boy’s father to travel to Manchester and then Paris, where police saw him pay cash in a public street.

Earlier, Federal interior minister Rehman Malik said some money had been paid within Pakistan to get the child freed. Sahil was seized while visiting his family in Pakistan on 3 March and freed 13 days later.

Spanish Police said the initial phone call gave the family three days to pay the ransom. Spanish authorities were alerted by Interpol after the call was traced to Spain.

They said police in Paris watched as people took the money handed over by Sahil’s 28-year-old father and divided it into a bag and trolley.

French police followed them to the border with Spain. Spanish police officers in Tarragona, Catalonia, arrested two Pakistani men and a Romanian woman in connection with the case after raiding a flat in Constanti, 60 miles from Barcelona.

Money totalling £110,000, a computer and some mobile phones, which were used to contact Sahil’s father in Pakistan to demand the ransom, were found at the property.

Father Raja Naqqash Saeed and his son has left to Manchester from Chaklala Airbase

Two of the group had driven to the French capital to collect the ransom payment and were arrested as they returned to Spain. All three are due to appear in court in Spain on Thursday.

Two people have also been arrested in Paris. Sahil was taken when robbers broke into his grandmother’s house while he and his father were on holiday visiting relatives in Jhelum, in the Punjab region.

On 16 March Sahil was left near a school about 20km (12 miles) from Jhelum before wandering into a field where he was found by locals.

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