300 visas granted to US officials last month

Three hundred visas were granted to US accountants, auditors and inspectors in the last month of February, according to the Foreign Office.

The US administration has conditionalised assistance under the Kerry-Lugar bill with the release of remaining two hundred visas to US diplomats.

However, the Foreign Office confirmed that in February three hundred visas were released to US accountants, auditors and inspectors.

A Private TV channel quoting Foreign Office sources said that the US state department still wants two hundred more visas urgently but it could not be done swiftly even though the matter was related to the controversial arrival of US marines.

Sources maintained that all the requisite procedures and requirements must be followed and it’s clear that no decision would be taken in haste, the TV channel said.

Sources added that the decision would follow proper protocol which included consultations with all the departments concerned.

Earlier, the Obama administration had conditionalised the assistance to effectively use the financial assistance for energy, water reservoir and social development and not to allow corruption, the channel said.

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