US drone swoops N. Waziristan: 10 militants killed

At least ten militants were killed and 4 others were wounded in the two consecutive US missile strike on Wednesday in North Waziristan.

About eight missiles were fired by five unmanned drones at a vehicle and a suspected militant compound in Hamzoi and Maizer areas of the North Waziristan tribal agency, sources informed Online.

The two strikes killed more than ten militants and wounded several others. Tribal sources said that more than two dozen people were wounded and about a dozen others were killed in the strikes.

They said the killed and wounded also included foreign militants but it was not immediately clear whether some high-profile militant was the target.

This was the third drone attack in last 24 hours bringing the toll of terrorists killed to 21. Officials fear that it could rise higher as many people were suspected to be trapped in the debris and most of those killed are believed to be Arab fighters of Al Qaeda.

The tribesmen while protesting over the continuous drone strike in country’s tribal areas have threatened to stage long march towards Federal Capital if such strike were not stopped.

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