ATC charges five US terror suspects

The anti-terrorism court on Wednesday indicted the detained five Americans, however formal hearing of the case will resume from March 31.

Jude Anti-terrorism court Anwar Nazeer heard the case of the five Americans inside Sargodha District jail.

The five Americans are indicted under the Pakistan Panel Code clause 120-B, 11-I, ATA, 11V7 ATA, 126 PPC and 511/125 PPC. Now, the court will take up the case for hearing from March 31.

Lawyer for the Americans Barrister Hassan Dastagir said that they could undergo life imprisonment if convicted under the mentioned clauses.

“Charges have been laid against all the accused. All these charges are terrorism related. The offences are punishable by life imprisonment,” he told reporters.

“The charges were read out by the judge. The judge asked if they accept the charges. All the accused unanimously rejected them. They said ‘we totally deny the charges’,” he added.

The next hearing has been adjourned until March 31, when the prosecutor is scheduled to provide evidence against the accused.

Proceedings have been held amid tight security and reporters were not allowed inside the prison where the accused have been languishing, nor into the hearing that has been relocated to the district jail over security fears.

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