Zardari to quit presidential powers enjoyed by former president Musharraf

Parliamentary Committee for Constitutional Reforms (PCCR) has presented its recommendation with regard to 18th amendment in constitution to the President and this report will be presented in on any day during the current week in National Assembly (NA).

Sources told president Asif Ali Zardari had agreed to quit the presidential powers taken by former president Pervez Musharraf during his regime.

25 federal ministries will be assigned to the provinces to ensure provincial autonomy while concrete list will be fully abolished.

President has also accepted PML-N demand for appointment of judges under Charter of Democracy (CoD).

58(2)b will be fully repealed and no powers will rest with the president to dissolve parliament. Pukhtoonkhaw has been proposed for NWFP. All the controversial clauses of 17th amendment will be abolished.

Judicial commission will be constituted for appointment of judges. However PML-N demand for non appointment of PCO judges has been accepted.

Council for Common Interest will be restructured and more powers will be delegated to it. Heads of all the three services chiefs and chairman joint chiefs of staff committee will be appointed on the advice of prime minister. Like wise president will appoint governors on the advice of the prime minister. It will be mandatory for the president to accept the advice of the prime minister. President will keep with him only those powers which are spelt out in the constitution 1973 and the remaining all the powers will be transferred to prime minister.

Parliament will monitor whatever loans will be obtained by the government from donor’ agencies. Monitoring and management of loans will be made part of the constitution. Provinces will not be authorized to hold direct talks with the international donor agencies to secure loans.

No of ministers will be fixed in proportionate to the number of members of assembly. When the assemblies complete their term, president will be authorized to put in place care taker set up in provinces and federation and prime minister and his cabinet members will not be made part of care taker set up.

NA session will be summoned within 21 days after general elections. This has also been suggested in the proposed 18th amendment that whosoever will revoke the constitution will be liable to be tried under article 6 of the constitution. Speaker of provincial assembly will act as governor in the absence of governor.

Federal Shariah court will remain intact. It has been proposed to set up federal court in federal capital. Federation and provinces will jointly share the natural and mineral resources and provinces will get equal share.

Elections will be held under election commission. Federation will keep the powers with itself in connection with restrictions on inter-provincial trade.

President will address the parliament in the last week of March and government is evolving its strategy in this regard.

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