Shahbaz statement disturbed the entire country: Salman Taseer

Governor Punjab Salman Taseer said that the statement of Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif has disturbed the entire country and whole province is ashamed over this statement.

Talking to journalist here on Monday, Salman Taseer said that federal government is against terrorism and independent to constitute its policies while it is not the responsibility of Chief Minister to constitute the foreign policy of the country.

Salman Taseer said that the whole country is facing terrorism and we are united against war against terrorism. At such a state talking about a province is irresponsible.

He said that all the provinces are being affected by terrorism and Taliban through their acts has not pardoned anyone and Chief Minister request not to commit terror act in the province is irresponsible.

Governor said that he is grieved over this statement and alleged that Punjab government is also emboldened a banned religious organization in the province and wants to Talibanize the province.

Strongly criticizing the statement, Salman Taseer said that Shahbaz Sharif should also request the dacoits not to commit crimes in the province.

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