My speech was misinterpreted: Shahbaz

Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Monday said that some circles were trying to project his remarks made at the Jamia Naeemia out of context.

Clarifying his yesterday’s address, Shahbaz said that he was responding to a question raised by Hamid Mir in his speech about Punjab.

The Chief Minister said that Pervez Musharraf-like dictators had created militancy.
“We oppose dictation and incursion from abroad and same is the Taliban’s policy then they should not carry out attacks in Punjab,” he said.

As the question of Punjab was raised in Mir’s speech, therefore, he also talked about Punjab. However, some friends tried to give it a wrong meaning, he said.

“Record shows that I have always spoken for Pakistan,” said Shahbaz, adding that he lauded the brave people of NWFP for their fight for the survival of Pakistan.”

He said: “I want to ask the critics if Punjab administration is not dealing with militants with iron hand then why these terrorists are particularly targeting Punjab time and again.”

The chief minister urged all political parties to combat militancy by setting aside politics and provincial interests.

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