Hamesh Khan says Shahbaz had sought 8 million dollars loan

Former managing director of the Bank of the Punjab Hamesh Khan has alleged that Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif had sought loan of 8 million dollars from him for setting up new sugar mill and refinery with warnings that in case of failure he would be made an example of.

He said this during an interview with Washington Magazine released here on Monday.

Hamesh Khan, who has duel citizenship of Pakistan and US said that he has been politically victimized, adding, the officials of the present Punjab government and Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif had offered him continuation of service on becoming witness against Chaudhry brothers but he refused the offer.

He said that Shahbaz Sharif requested him loan of 8 million dollars for his sons, however keeping in view the past he refused to do so, on which he (Shahbaz) gave him threats.

He said that Shahbaz Sharif met him twice in March and April 2008 and several government officials conveyed his messages to him with offers and warnings.

According to him, he was ordered on 23rd April 2008 that not to come to office, adding, after talks with US state department and US diplomats in Pakistan, his father Wing Commander (Retd) Aslam Hamayun Khan who had been dismissed from PAF on charges of revolt during Bhutto rule, reached Koroldo with 700 dollars in pocket with the support and assistance of US government.

Hamesh Khan, who belongs to honorable agricultural family of Swat, said that he was offered post of system analyst in US agricultural department, on which he remained till December 2009.

He said that when he was arrested on the request of Pakistani government and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton approved handing over him to Pakistan in October 2009.

After the approval, he added, she visited Pakistan and also went Lahore where she stressed on fair and transparent system.

Meanwhile, Hamesh Khan is being presented before the court in Virginiya where sources say US government would favor his repatriation to Pakistan under 80 years old agreement.

After Hamesh Khan’s arrest on December 10, Hamesh Khan would deny the allegations once again in the court leveled against him, however his lawyers would oppose his handing over to Pakistan on the pretext that if he was handed over to Pakistan then he would face threats.

The US government would hand over Hamesh Khan to Pakistan under an agreement it signed with UK in 1931, when Pakistan was part of the UK kingdom.

The agreement has become active after Pakistan signed such agreement with UK in 2007, under which Pakistan, US can exchange prisoners with each other.

During the interview, he rejected the charges against him and said the case has been filed on stamp paper of Haris Steel owner Sheikh Afzal who had made claim of 10 million dollars fraud, while Sheikh Afzal got 100 million dollars loan in the names of fake companies through conspiracies, when he was on leave in 2006.

Hamesh Khan said that he requested the NAB and warned its officials not to allow Sheikh Afzal flee the country after he knew about fack.

He revealed that during his absence bank director approved loan.

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3 comments on “Hamesh Khan says Shahbaz had sought 8 million dollars loan

  1. Who says he is from an honorable family of swat. Where do you get this information from? He is Humayun’s and Zahida Hayat’s son and was concieved before they got married. He has nothing to do with swat. There are some relatives who used to live in swat but they have all moved to Canada. He simply carries bad blood in him and it shows from the actions of his father, from the actions of his mother, and now him…simple as that. He is simply evil dude! he should be locked up in the fort.

  2. If what Hamesh Khan has said is true then other bank officials be also prosecuted for snactioning a big loan while disregarding procedures. It was an abuse of power and those involved must be punished because it was tax payers’ money and it was the trust of the people they breached. Its a common knowledge that the fraud caused enormous losses to ordinary share holders of BoP. Hamesh be set free if he is innocent but every body involved in the scam must face the law of the land, Pakistan. Justice must prevail.

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