Educational institutions reopen in Bajaur after 2 years

The educational institutions have reopened in Bajaur after gap of two years here on Monday as the government has announced accomplishment of the operation against the militants while, the attendance was seen high on the first day.

Security officials told Online here on Monday, following the directions issued by political administration and Executive Officer (Education) Gul Rehman to reopen educational institutions in Bajaur, the educational institutions have been reopened in the area.

It is pertinent to mention here that all educational institutions were closed down in August 6th 2008, due to launching of military operation against militants in the area.

Special security arrangements were made outside the educational institutes on first day of reopening of the schools while the students were very happy.

All ways lead to Bajaur have been opened for transportation but security is been beefed up while, FC personnel are patrolling in the area to tackle with any untoward situation.

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