Waterfall continues at Tarbela, Mangla

The water level at Tarbela dam has reduced further with only 1.25 feet usable water left in reservoir, while water stands at dead level at Mangla dam.

According to the Met Department, no improvement has been witnessed in the water levels at Mangla and Tarbela dams.

The water level at the Tarbela dam has further fallen during the last 24 hours and water altitude remained just above 1.25 feet above dead level whereas water stands at dead level at Mangla dam.

On the other hand, the water rate of Indus River at Terbela has been recorded at 22,200 cusec, however, exit remained 35,000 cusec.

Water rate of River Jhelum at Mangla has been recorded at 20,584 cusec whereas exit has been recorded at 21,634 cusec.

No improvement is expected in water reserves, as the Met Department, the dry weather will continue into the next week also in most parts of the country and the temperature is expected to rise higher in the plains in the coming days.

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